Call Monitor

Designed and development

Mohammad Vahabian Tehrani

Business name: ( NAMA Computer )


Employer: NorthLine Group

Please download Java(tm).
This application is using to monitor all on-line calls using the company's gateways. It shows the calls details useful for operators and customer service.
The details are the following items:
  • The Provider Code
  • Service Name: showing which calling card has been used
  • Credit left: showing how much credit left in the calling card
  • Minute Left: showing how many minute is still left, depend on the destination
  • City Code: international destination code
  • City Name: the destination name in database
  • Destination Phone
  • Duration: showing duration call of the current connection
  • Pin Number
Other Functions:
  • Find Pin history
  • Trace a Pin: to check out weather or not a pin status is locked
  • Refresh Mode: Automatically or Manual
  • Setting Unlock Mode: it sets the locked pins how to be test and how they would be released
  • Summary On-line reports:
    • Total OnLine Calls
    • OnLine Services
    • Gateway's Load
    • Provider's Load
    • Monthly Services activity
    • Daily Services activity
  • Test Unlocked Pins: this function is to make sure the locked pin's transaction has been updated in the database; if it has not been updated,
    then operator would be able to recalculate it and update the record

Technical Specification:

This application has been developed using Visual basic 6 and MS SQL Server 2000.