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SoftSwitch Monitor

Designed and Developed

Mohammad Vahabian Tehrani

Business Name: ( Nama Computer )


Employer: NorthLine Group



Please download Java(tm).

What is Soft Switch Monitor?

The Soft Switch Monitor is an application to monitor and set dialing plan for calling card and home service lines. This application performs the following actions:

  • Displays all Call Dialing Plan table
  • Displays all Connection calls, showing the Client, No. of Calls, and the gateway they are routing
  • It’s possible to set select and trace only one or more telephone numbers and routers
  • It’s possible to test the Ping Status for selected gateways.; it can be set that if any gateway didn’t ping, then set the gateway status to disable route (“ No Route ”).
    This can be set/ reset manually, or automatically in a specified period of time
  • It’s possible to set priority of any desired gateway; if its current calls is equal to its call limit, so it’s priority will be turned to the last one (End of the queue),
    and the next one comes top; this will be done continuously
  • It can be set priority by force
  • It can be set enable or disable route by force
  • It can test for pinging the IP address
  • It extracts the usage details, showing gateway, Client, Total Client Usage from the gateway
  • It extracts the total usage of a specified gateway
  • It extracts and show the total usage of a specified client
  • It is able to design a proper Dialing plan for the SoftSwitch