( Iran High Council of Information & Communication Technology )

Designed and developed

Mohammad Vahabian Tehrani

Business name: ( NAMA Computer )


Employer: IRAN ICT


IRAN ICT Website
This is the first version of IRAN ICT website which was designed and developed in Iran in 1999-2000. The main purpose of this website was to collect and present useful management information about the IT events in Iran and around the world to the senior iranian managers. It was sopposed to gather a collection of multi media resources in various areas. It included a big directory of private or govermental companies, IT news, and decisions made about IT in IRAN, and etc. This project were stoped in 2000 because of some financial and technical issues. The new version of this wibsite with different view was designed and developed in 2001-2002 by another team. It changed into two seperated websites, "" and ""

Current Status: Active (but the design has been changed)