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Nama Computer has been working in various fields of IT in following projects:


Database Application Design and Development

Nama Computer has been invonving in Design and development of various Applications. These applications has been developed using different tools and in different environments. Some of these applications are as below:

Debt Reminder Ver 1.0


Debt Reminder is a personal application which helps you to keep your personal accounts and debts to manage your debts based on your current resources and your pending money whcih will be received soon.

  • With Debt Reminder you can have automatic prompts to remind you the debts.
  • With Debt Reminder you can evaluate all next (or desired time) debts.
  • With Debt Reminder you can manage your accounts transaction.
  • With Debt Reminder you can manage your pending money.
  • With Debt Reminder you can set an event to remind you automatically.
  • With Debt Reminder you can have a backip from your data.
  • With Debt Reminder you can have a history of your debts individually.
  • With Debt Reminder you can evaluate your expenses based on desired time graphically.
  • With Debt Reminder you can have a Good Credit.

Advanced QA
( Pocket PC version )


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This is a QA application to insert the inspection data on the Pocket PC. Then the inserted data will be exported into a Computer PC using a management application and is converted into MS Excel.

Advanced QA Management


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This application manages various functions with the Omni Advanced QA- PocketPC module. It performs the following functions:

  • Generate the Parameter File for desired building
  • Export the parameter file into the Pocket PC
  • Import the Data File belonging the inspected building from Pocket PC
  • Convert the imported Data File into Excel spreadsheet


PAL Order Entry


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Project Objectives:

    • This project was to review database and existing order entry code to understand the logic embedded in the current module and create documentation.
    • Design, develop and test a new user interface for order entry module same as the approved prototype.


Ecco Retail Management System


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This system is supposed to setup in the Ecco Shoes Stores. This system includes all retail pos system features such as get customer history, employees' information, inventory management, time in and time out, on hold transaction and etc.

This system works on line connecting to warehouse system; also it would be able to work off line if there is any problem to connect to warehouse.


Softswitch Monitor


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The Soft Switch Monitor is an application to monitor and set dialing plan for calling card and home service lines. This application performs the following functions:

  • Displays all Call Dialing Plan table
  • Displays all Connection calls, showing the Client, No. of Calls, and the gateway they are routing
  • It’s possible to set select and trace only one or more telephone numbers and routers
  • It’s possible to test the Ping Status for selected gateways.; it can be set that if any gateway didn’t ping, then set the gateway status to disable route (“No Route”).
    This can be set/ reset manually, or automatically in a specified period of time
  • It’s possible to set priority of any desired gateway; if its current calls is equal to its call limit, so it’s priority will be turned to the last one (End of the queue),
    and the next one comes top; this will be done continuously
  • It can be set priority by force
  • It can be set enable or disable route by force
  • It can test for pinging the IP address
  • It extracts the usage details, showing gateway, Client, Total Client Usage from the gateway
  • It extracts the total usage of a specified gateway
  • It extracts and show the total usage of a specified client
  • It is able to design a proper Dialing plan for the SoftSwitch

Call Monitor


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This application is using to monitor all on-line calls using the company's gateways. It shows the calls detail useful for operators and customer service.

Other Functions:

    • Find Pin history
    • Trace a Pin: to check out weather or not a pin status is locked
    • Refresh Mode: Automatically or Manual
    • Setting Unlock Mode: it sets the locked pins how to be test and how they would be released
    • Summary On-line reports:
      • Total OnLine Calls
      • OnLine Services
      • Gateway's Load
      • Provider's Load
      • Monthly Services activity
      • Daily Services activity
    • Test Unlocked Pins: this function is to make sure the locked pin's transaction has been updated in the database; if it has not been updated,
      then operator would be able to recalculate it and update the record


Material Resource Planning

Designed and developed a Material Resource Planning application to automate postal branches

Technical Specification:
This application was developed by FoxPro and DOS operating System

Ad-hoc Query

Designed and developed a user friendly Ad-hoc query application for petrochemical company

Technical Specification:
This application was developed by MS Access forms, Oracle Database and on Windows 3.1

Help Generator

Designed and Developed a Help Generator application

Technical Specification:
This application was developed by Turbo Pascal and DOS operating system

Data Conversion Application

Designed and developed a Data Conversion Application to transfer data from FoxPro database to Oracle

Technical Specification:
This application was developed by VB 3.0 on Windows 3.1 and Oracle database

Real Estate Archive application

Analyzed, designed and developed a Real Estate application. This application is used to archive properties' ownership ducuments.

Technical Specification:
This application was developed by VB3 on Windows 3.1 and MS Access database

Database Administration

Nama Computer has been working as a Database Administrator role for following companies to maintain and manage their database; We perfomed backup/ restore functions; Data Transfer between various media; Tuning, and etc.

System Analysis

  • Analyzed internal statistics and transactions for a major bank to clarify data distribution for designing and developing a Wide Area Network (WAN) system
  • Analyzed, redesigned and developed an asset management system



Website Design and Development

Nama Computer has been involving in Design, development and maintenance of some Websites. Some of them are as below:

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Green Toner Solutions

This site belongs to Green Toner Solutions company, a business located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. It job is services related to Inks and Toners. Every user is able to choose desired products in the list, and put them in the cart; then all the order can be sent to the sales department by Email, automatically.
Meanwhile, the web administrators are able to manage the contents of the website dynamically in Administration website layer.

Current Status: Active


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IranBusiness.Ca (
Bilingual Iranian Business Directory in Canada )
This website has been designed and developed to collect information of iranian businesses resident in canada. and enable them to promote their business and services to the iranian community and the other people in canada and around the world. It has been active since 2006.

Current Status: Active



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Iranian Community Association of Ontario website

This site is a bilingual one, Persian and English. It includes a brief of Iranian Association history, Goals and activities, Programs and services, Board of director's Reports, Events and useful links to other useful websites.

Current status: Active


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Compusharp Canada website

This site is for presenting Computer components. It includes different pages to present Variant services which Compusharp presents, different offers of brand new computers, Used Computers, special Offers and etc.

Current Status: inActive



Midaynta, The Somalian Association of Ontario Website

We involved in dvelopment and maintenance of previous version of the site. This site is very useful for new immigrants to Canada. Midaynta is a non-profit organization of Somalian community. They also present variant services to other communities. This site presents all neccessary information to settlement, job searching, Legal issues, and etc.

Current Status: Active



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IRAN ICT Website

This is the first version of IRAN ICT website which was designed and developed in Iran in 1999-2000. The main purpose of this website was to collect and present useful management information about the IT events in Iran and around the world to the senior iranian managers.

Current Status: Active (but the design has been changed)



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